Market Access

Analyze markets and seamlessly execute via WebApp, API, and OTC

Request quote or send an order to our Implied Exchange powered by Teloneum™


Trading Platform

Access 1Konto’s best price liquidity service through our robust trading platform and implied exchange, including full L2 order book, depth charts, and advanced charting tools to formulate sophisticated trading strategies. Send and manage RFQ, Market and Limit Orders, view your account, and process settlement via our feature-rich web app.


Connect to 1Konto’s platform via straightforward APIs connecting to all products and services, from trading to back-office support. Our cloud-based infrastructure, with full redundancy and recovery functionality, protects against loss of data and ensures our client counterparties can execute orders regardless of market conditions.


Contact our OTC desk for pricing and executing block orders, or structuring a bespoke trade. Our white-glove service will assist in managing the trade lifecycle, from indicative prices to settlement.

Why 1konto

Powered by Teloneum™

Best price any asset to any asset trading via API, OTC Desk and Web App.

Single point settlement

Digital asset and G12 fiat settlement through one account.

On your side

Zero proprietary trading, zero off-venue lending, zero DeFi

Trade with leverage

Flexible collateral requirements and seamless ability to borrow.

24/7 market access

Sourcing liquidity through multiple venues, ensuring market access at all times.


Bespoke swaps and options, settled in USD and digital.

Masking Executions

Teloneum™ smartly breaks up and spreads orders, as principal

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